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FPM one of the most comprehensive strength conditioning course adressing the three core challenges when working with athletes and fitness clients

  • How to increase the rate of progress in strength, speed, power or endurance to experience new personal records and improvements in body composition.
  • How to minimize overuse injuries (from sport specific practice).
  • How to maximize transfer from strength and conditioning/fitness training to improvements in sport performance and other movement based activities.

7 ways the Flexible Periodization Method is different:

  • The FPM can be used in parts or as a whole with or without written training programs. As such, it is a complete fit for your style of working.
  • With the FPM, the loading patterns of any other periodization system can be created. Thus, the FPM is the only system of periodization that is applicable for athletes and fitness clients of ANY training age, with ANY goal and ANY training and competitive schedule.
  • The FPM helps you avoid a “GREAT program with the WRONG goals by guiding you to identify the athlete’s/client’s “weak link” across spiritual, mental, emotional and physical factors.
  • The FPM is the most practical and COMPLETE system of periodization that exists today by providing guidance on periodization of ALL aspects of the training program and ALL program variables.
  • The FPM is the only system of periodization that integrates the mental and emotional aspects with the physical aspects of training through determining assessments, specific cueing, trainer focus, structure of progressive overload and evaluation of training diaries.
  • The FPM is the first system of periodization that is directly structured to help you grow as a coach/trainer: With the FPM you (the coach/trainer) are invited (challenged) to learn and grow with every session and every program through specific questioning.
  • The FPM increases the value of any other certifications or workshops you have taken by providing a greater understanding of where these specific techniques fit in a long-term plan.

Free downloads from Karsten Jensen

The Flexible Periodization Method Specialist, as a whole, is designed to offer the following benefits:

  • Increase athlete/client satisfaction by providing result-producing training programs that are a true fit to their individual needs.
  • Increase your own motivation and growth as a coach/trainer by understanding how to learn from every session.
  • Through the ability to create better, long-term training programs you are in a position to offer your athletes/clients a more comprehensive service, including receiving a fee for the program itself and not just for the time spent on the training floor.

Below are the key features of The Flexible Periodization Method Specialist trainings:

  • Four levels with a total of 10-11 days of educational material. Each level is a combination of live and online workshops.
  • Most of the workshops/levels are 80% hands-on with exercises and assignments in the gym.
  • Extensive, but logically built manuals + videos support your learning.
  • Small class size (max 20) to allow for maximal individual attention.
  • Complementary access to the FPM Specialists Facebook group where you will receive updates to the FPM and have the opportunity to ask questions regarding the application of the material.
  • Invitation to The FPM Insider Circle (with access to Combination Exercises, Periodized Exercise sequences, method variations that are written in such a way that you can paste them directly into your training programs)
  • Multiple choice exam after levels I, II and III and a program design assignment after level IV.


FPM level 1 – Copenhagen

25-26th of November

  • Move2Peak Academy
  • Bernhard Bangs Allé 23
  • 2000 Frederiksberg
  • Denmark

Who is FPM for?

  • Personal trainers
  • Professional trainers
  • Physiotherapists

Prices = 2995,- DKK

Register a min. of 3 people and save 500,- DKK per person

Number of participant

  • Min: 10
  • Max: 20

Terms of registration

Registration is binding and not valid untill full payment has been received. By cancellation of the course a full refund will be made.


This workshop will be taught in english (unless all participant speak fluent danish).

About Karsten Jensen

Strength coaches do not need to be world class athletes in order to work with world class and Olympic athletes – they need to be world class strength coaches.
– Karsten Jensen –

I am not a “natural born athlete,” but it is exactly this lack of inborn skill that has always been my motivation as a strength coach.

I remember my first (attempt to perform a) sit-up. It was during soccer practice and I was about 7 years old. It was a beautiful sunny day out on the soccer field in the little town in Denmark where I grew up. The coach anchored my feet (it was the 70ties!) and I tried to lift myself up, but nothing happened. Some of my other “firsts” include 0 pull ups or chin ups (I did my first pull up in University), 60 pound bench press, 80 pound full squat and 14.28 in the 100m.

Background and history:

  • MSc. Exercise Physiology from University of Copenhagen
  • Math and Physics from University of Roskilde
  • Certifications: Level 2 Chek Practitioner, level 3 Chek Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Personal Trainer CPTN-CPT.M
  • 20 years experience as a Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Private training and consulting with athletes and coaches from baseball (professional level), beach volleyball (international level), speed skating (international level), gymnastics (national level), soccer (professional level), powerlifting (international level), Track and field (provincial level)
  • Strength and Conditioning Coach for The Danish National Elite Sports Institution (Team Danmark). Developing annual periodized training schedules for and trained Olympic and World class level athletes from:figure skating, volleyball, ju jitsu, judo, wrestling, tennis, badminton, table tennis, waterskiing, equipment selection and facility design for athletes training centre
  • Strength and Conditioning Coach for Kvik Triathlon Team in Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Strength and Conditioning Coach for Danish Badminton Federation
  • Strength and Conditioning Coach for Holte Volleyball Club, Holte Denmark
  • Strength and Conditioning Coachc for Danish Volleyball Federation: Men’s National TeamAssistant teacher in 2nd Year Biomechanics Course – University of Copenhagen
  • Member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association
  • Member of the Certified Professional Trainers Network
  • Course Conductor for CPTN
  • Practical Assessor for CPTN
  • Creator of the “Yes to Strength” workshop series and creator and author of “The Flexible Periodization Method” and author on several other publications and courses within strength condition and periodization.

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