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The European Movement Meeting will be an opportunity to meet and study under Ido Portal and his team for five very full days.

Each day will include two sessions of movement development work – forming, understand and utilizing concepts such as:

  • Playtool – using directed play, games and guided improvisational work to develop our systems – joints, musculature, nervous system, connective tissue and minds in search of self dominance.
  • Locomotion – Ido Portal’s movement language that includes floor flow work with low acrobatics elements, animal locomotion, low gait, inversions, gliding patterns and much more. Locomotion includes 1200 (twelve hundred) elements, it is the most sophisticated flow system taught on the market.
  • The Corset – building a flexible body armor around the body. A unique and extreme approach to bullet proofing the body while making huge gains in mobility, strength and movement accessibility.
  • Movement Refinement/terminology – creating refined motor control for later implementation into your movement development – if you are interested in achieving an advanced movement practice like one arm handstands, low level quadrupedaling, flips, twists or one arm chin ups – you will need to control small and articulated refined motor actions using certain segments of the body in Isolation. The height of your movement refinement will dictate the height of your movement complexity.
  • Gymnastics and Bodyweight Strength – the Ido Portal Method applied to bodyweight skills such as front levers, planches and Gymnastics rings strength development as well as the very basics – chin ups, push ups and dips – learn the most well thought out approach in the market, tailored to your level. Get your first chin up/muscle up/one arm chin – with some of the knowledge shared, your journey will be quicker than ever.

Join us for this unique opportunity to study with the Ido Portal Team for 5 action and knowledge filled days!

Ido began studying martial arts as a child, and at the age of fifteen he discovered the Brazilian martial art form, Capoeira. Later he would go on to train in gymnastics, boxing, dance, yoga, and more. With his great experience in some of the most versatile and demanding types of sports, and his many studies in anatomy, physiology, and other sports, he created a unique system of movement.


Copenhagen – 21st-25th august 2017

  • Time: 9am-9pm all days


  • Hafnia hallen
  • Street: Julius Andersensvej 6
  • Zip/City: 2450, Copenhagen SV


1.350,- euro

Terms and conditions

  • Registration is binding. We do not offer any refund should you be prevented from participating. If we have a waiting list, we will do everything we can to help to get your spot sold to another person.
  • We do hold the right to make changes to the above mentioned schedule and content.
  • Credit card fee will be added to the price when going through the payment process.
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